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This webpage is hosted by the RC Groups
It is a "Mirror" Site to my website

Parkjets are small electric powered R/C Aircraft, styled after Military, Sport, and Commuter Jets.  This website offers building plans (Many For Free), construction, flying Tip's and techniques, along with all the resources you need to enjoy this rapidly growing segment of the R/C Aircraft hobby. 

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Created 7/14/05
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RC Groups E-Zone

Come On!!
 Build a Jet, and lets go fly it at the Park!!
 Jetset44's F-14 Pusher FL62's F-14 Twin EDF Parkjet Thomas Nelson's SU-27  Mr. Boogies F-35 ParkJet Hansie's F-18 ParkJet
Watch a Sample Video of  a 3D Foamy F-15 ParkJet In Action!!
(File size 26 Megs, so Please Right-click link to Save Video to your PC)


Building Tip's and Techniques

Sensible Safety Rules

Power Systems - EDF

Power Systems - Pusher-Prop

Manufactured R/C Parkjet's 

Latest News

This webpage is hosted by the RC Groups
It is a "Mirror" Site to my website

    This website will be for information purposes only, no shopping carts here gang.  I will of course link to vendors whose parts fill the needs of the Parkjet Industry, and I will offer product and kit supplier reviews in the future.  Stop by often and watch us Grow!!
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